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Dreaming Bhutan: Journey in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Dreaming Bhutan cover

“…didn’t you ever want to know what’s on the other side of the mountain?”
– Lost Horizon

Open Dreaming Bhutan and find yourself transported into a magical Buddhist kingdom untouched by time.

Accompanied by her guide, a friend and former Aide de Camp to the Royal Family, award-winning author Nicole Grace was allowed unusual access to monasteries, temples and other private domains within this ancient realm that she describes as “a cross between the mythical lands of Shangri-La and Brigadoon.”

Through her spare, poetic commentary, and the dreamlike photographs of her travels, readers will experience a rare journey into the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

“Dreaming Bhutan is a beautiful book, conveying the great pristine beauty, peace and serenity of our sacred Buddhist kingdom. It is a book that we cherish…”

- Ashi Kesang Choeden Wangchuck, Her Majesty of Bhutan, The Royal Grandmother


WINNER – 2011 Paris Book Festival – Photography/Art
WINNER – 2011 International Book Awards – Travel: Pictorial & Travel: Recreational
WINNER – 2011 USA Book News Best Books Award – Travel: Pictorial


Her Majesty of Bhutan The Royal Grandmother
Ashi Kesang Choeden Wangchuck

Dreaming Bhutan is a beautiful book, conveying the great pristine beauty, peace and serenity of our sacred Buddhist kingdom. It is a book that we cherish…”

Light of Consciousness Magazine (Summer 2012 issue)
“From the Paro Valley to Mount Jomolhari, this visual pilgrimage takes us through Bhutan’s sacred spaces revealing temples, monasteries and art. As we accompany Nicole Grace, Buddhist teacher, monk and mystic, she shares the history, legends and insights on each image. Particularly interesting are hidden monasteries and shrines where renowned yogis, yoginis and lamas have meditated for centuries. Also revealed is how the ancient blends harmoniously with contemporary Bhutanese life. Dreaming Bhutan, featuring the author’s full-color photographs, is a memorable journey into a land beyond time.”

ForeWord Clarion (Five Stars out of Five)
“Nicole Grace has created an exquisite book that illuminates the sense of mystery that surrounds Bhutan… Regardless of one’s spiritual leanings, Dreaming Bhutan is conducive to meditation—whether it be meditation of the sort the Buddhist monks of Bhutan practice, or simply the meditation of a reader engrossed in a transformative volume.

The author writes of her time in Bhutan: ‘Like waking from a rare, exquisite dream … I have attempted to capture a few precious moments.’ Indeed, when closing Dreaming Bhutan, one feels a bit like Samuel Taylor Coleridge awakened from his famous dream of Xanadu. Luckily, Nicole Grace has constructed a dream that can be revisited simply by opening her book.”

ForeWord Clarion is a leading industry guide to small and independent press offerings.

Common Ground Magazine (annual Women’s Issue, October 2011)
“…after reading a few pages you will quickly realize this is not just a collection of pictures from a journey to the reclusive Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, but rather a journey in and of itself…you may begin to sense that more is being transmitted than just information about this enchanted little country. With each passing moment spent immersed in the book, a feeling of stillness grows, as if you were actually sitting inside those ancient temples, surrounded by contemplative monks.”

Vision Magazine (Featured Book Review, September 2011)
“The photography is stunning and truly remarkable…Grace’s words are both powerful in their brevity as well as delicate in their movement…I can only tell you that the many people who have learned from and been inspired by Nicole Grace will not be disappointed. This book is a work of art.”

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Foreword provided by Her Majesty of Bhutan Ashi Kesang Choeden Wangchuck.

Published September 23, 2011

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