Mastery At Work: 18 Keys For Achieving Success, Fulfillment And Joy In Any Profession

Mastery At Work: 18 Keys For Achieving Success, Fulfillment And Joy In Any Profession

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“There is a secret to walking the Three-Fold Path to Mastery and to achieving the success, fulfillment and joy that is your birthright. It is a simple secret. And though it is the solution to having everything in life that you want, very few people will actually use this Key to open the door to the treasures that their future holds for them.”
—from Mastery At Work

Mastery At Work: 18 Keys For Achieving Success, Fulfillment And Joy In Any Profession, is a rare book. Based on The Three-Fold Path to Mastery, it reveals unusual and practical business advice, as well as secret techniques derived from spiritual and mystical traditions for transcending ordinary existence to achieve both personal evolution and professional success. This is a book that transforms lives.

The Three-Fold Path to Mastery
The Three-Fold Path to Mastery is a uniquely powerful methodology for personal and professional development. It provides a set of techniques for you to use to improve the overall quality of your work, as well as your personal satisfaction with the work that you have done and are doing. It is a specific, practical system that enables individuals, workgroups, organizations and corporations to work more productively and joyfully.


WINNERUSA Book News 2005 Best Books Awards


Jennie S. Bev, Managing Editor, Book Review Club
“Want to change your life and career satisfaction? Read Mastery At Work…Without any reservations, we’re glad to give five stars to this extremely recommended book…a rating [that] is reserved for life-changing books written with enlightening insights that only one in a million books would possess.“

William Scott Wilson, author of The Lone Samurai: The Life of Miyamoto Musashi;
translator of Hagakure, The Book of Five Rings and The Unfettered Mind

“Numerous authors have attempted to shed the light of concepts derived from bushido, the Way of the Warrior, onto the pursuit of success in the business world. In Mastery At Work, Nicole Grace distinguishes herself by combining wisdom from bushido, Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies with astute insights into the contemporary American workplace, and presenting a practical, startlingly clear roadmap to not only success, but fulfillment, in both work and life. Mastery at Work takes a holistic view of the person and addresses the universal quest for a genuinely rewarding existence.“

Captain Tom O’Brien, FDNY, 9/11 Survivor
“This book is my bible.“

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