September 2018

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you all for your interest in these offerings, and for your attendance at Meditation & Mysticism and book events over the years. As some of you know, I have been on sabbatical since 2014. Please allow me to share with you the reason for my absence since then. I do hope you have all found spiritual sanctuary, in a deepening of your own relationship with Truth and/or with a teacher or path that resonates with you.

    As we were launching the book tour for The Temple, it was becoming clear that a transformation in my spiritual approach was on the horizon. Well it arrived sooner than expected, proving (as if proof were necessary) that Eternity is on Her own schedule! I ended the book tour early and, soon after, Krishna and I both understood we were being shown a new and exciting direction for our work. We subsequently closed our spiritual organization and stopped teaching for a time.

    We entered into solitude, contemplation and meditation in order to be fully available to this change. It was not really presented as a choice. Eternity can sometimes be uncompromising when we are otherwise determined to get back to being productive, at least in the way the outside world defines productivity. Despite so little engagement with all of you, and with other public teaching and events, the past four years have been the most productive and transformational of my life.

    Like we see in nature, powerful transformation can begin with shedding an outer covering, revealing something new and wondrous underneath.

    I have been shown a spiritual path, practice and life that is more deeply aligned with my own understanding and insight than what I had, in some sense, inherited and had thus been teaching in the past. This process has not been a repudiation of what I embraced and shared before, but a letting go of the outer forms of a path created by, described by, someone else, revealing and allowing to come forth the simple and pure truth of my own experience in and as eternal light.

    While some of the meditation techniques and spiritual guidance I will offer in the future will differ from what I shared before, of course the Source remains the same as ever. All teachers offer water from the same well. It is only how we offer it, how the journey of enjoying it fully is described, that varies from being to being.

    We are all so fortunate to live in such a springtime of awakening on Earth. Teachers abound. Good ones. You only need to discover what resonates with you, what and who will inspire you to find and revel in the ocean of joy within yourself.

    I will be in touch about teachings of this wonderful, joyful, truly beautiful Way when the Divine reveals it is time. This will not be before the end of the year.

    Krishna might be offering public teachings from his own perspective a bit sooner. He is a rare being, wise and compassionate. If you have not yet attended one of his events, I encourage you to give one a try. We will send out an email when Krishna is ready to offer those events, so please sign up for our newsletter on the contact page if you would like to hear from us then.

    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the privilege of meeting all of you, either in person, or through one of the books. I have learned as much from you—more, surely—than you have from anything I’ve ever said. I wish you all the peace, insight and joy that the journey of self discovery can offer and I look forward to the possibility of our meeting again.



    I was dead, then alive.
    Weeping, then laughing.
    The power of love came into me,
    and I became fierce like a lion,
    then tender like the evening star.

    — Rumi

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